Saturday, September 22, 2012

living and loving someone with 22q11 deletion

My blog thought for the day : What's it like having and loving someone with 22q.

It's dr appointment after appointment, it's trying to explain an unknown medical disorder to those that should know what it is.
It's proving drs wrong over and over that we with 22q can do something they told us we probably never would be able to do. 
It's over coming struggles. Sometimes battling depression and full
 blown mood swings without knowing why a melt down or two for no reason.
It's showing people that even though we are missing a genetic we are still willing and able to show the world what we are made of.
Some of us are heart warriors and fight many surgery battles and win.
Some of us fight a lot harder battles with vcfs/22q/digeorge syndrome
We often ask why but only one person can tell us why we are giving things like this to deal with.
Many different symptoms , goes with many different faces.
We are still loved by friends and family who are our biggest supporters no matter how bad of days we 22qers/vcfsers /digeorge syndromers have.
We teach the very most important lesson to others that life shouldn't be taken for granted and we should all love , hope and pray for a cure , but regardless we are still warriors and fighters and have more courage than one can endure.
We will still fight with our missing piece and educate the world on 22q!


  1. Lovely to read this blog. My son has 22q11 x

    1. keep in touch I ty to do a post when I can! Thanks for reading!

  2. Thank you so much to writing this.
    This week I know My son has 22q11.
    I live in Japan.