Saturday, September 22, 2012

So I decided to do a new blog. For those that do not know me etc. I am 32 years old , born with the CHD Tetralogy of Fallot, I have had about 6 open heart surgeries. I went 25 years without knowing that I had 22q11. I am originally from Stone Mountain Georgia, currently living in Gulfport Mississippi with my husband who is a US. Navy Seabee. We own our very first own home and he has been serving here for almost 13 years now. I have an older brother and both parents tested negative for 22q. I have a degree in Hotel Management and am looking forward to trying to go to school in January for Culinary Arts Technology . I have an eye for designing my own jewelry and also like to spend a lot of time in my own craft studio. I am working on designing exclusive stuff for the Dempster Family Foundation. I have had many struggles with my 22q11 journey and hope to write a lot more about them here. Thank you all for following ,reading, and if you have purchased some of my awareness jewelry thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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