Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's new? What's up?, what's been happening from then til now...

What's up, what's new, whats been happening from last year when I last entered a blog til now. Where is life leading us, where do we go from here?

   A lot of questions and  a lot of answers. I realized I have not written on my blog in awhile after I looked last week while home visiting my parents house. A lot has been happening since I had last written. Your what's up, what's new what's been happening from last year until now is about to be answered as short as possible, but we all know that won't happen. A lot of catching up, a lot of answered questions!

So, Derek has been home almost a year. A LOT and I mean A LOT has been going on with us. We have had many challenges etc come our way and some how we managed to hold up together and smile and become even better than we have ever been before.

We are still in Gulfport. We have about another year or so here so we think.  Health wise, we have had a few little scars and miss diagnoses from doctors here that led to me having to go back home to my original doctors and get straightened out. My last cardio visit was ok not what we wanted to here, but doc is giving us a chance to get things turned around. My Pulmonary valve pressures have gone up since a year and a half to about 50%. A lot of it is due to stress and weight gain , which is why i am forcing myself to the diet and exercise routine that has been given to me by cardiologist. Other then that health wise things are ok.

We began the adoption journey and was going to adopt, but discovered another route to go but for now we are concentrating on my health and other things we have going on. I am still making jewelry and also just recently became an origami owl rep and selling living lockets which are the cutest things ever!

It looks like Georgia is on both of Derek and I's minds next year as we possibly face becoming a civilian family again. I had no idea Derek's contract was almost up. We are  hoping for him to be able to stay in , but we will take on being a family again with the civilian life and enjoying being under one roof. We chose Georgia because doctors are there and my family are there. Once you get too many doctors on your case especially with TOF , you can get yourself in a mess which is what happened but thankfully i am straightened out and headed in a different and new direction.

I am getting used to him being home and really enjoying it. We have been able to spend the quality time together that we deserve and needed to have. He has deployed for the past 3 years we have been married and this year for once he will be home for our 4th anniversary. Hard to believe I have been married for 4 years and have made it this far with all of my issues and having 22q.

having 22q has not stopped me. I am a military wife, a step mom , a kind loving person that just enjoys life all the way around and not taking anything for granted . I cannot believe how much I accomplished and what I have accomplished since moving 6 hours away from home. I never thought that would ever happen and when it did May 2, 2009 I have not regretted it at all. I will be writing more and more this year since things are calming down for us and getting back to normal. I will answer the one question I always get how do you handle being a military wife with the journey of life that you had to face. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and if i don't get on here before easter , I hope everyone has a wonderful easter.

For anyone interested in an origami owl living locket please visit my website www.kimberlybrown.origamiowl.com . every life has a story!

take care, and always hope for Peace, Love, and a Cure for 22q and TOF!

Kimberly A. Brown

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