Monday, October 22, 2012

way too busy of a weekend......

     Friday started out a short day for the hubby. We also had a busy night plan. IF it was not for the new medication I am on for my depression etc, I probably would not have gone out all weekend like I have done.
     I went friday night to see one of my favorite country artist Clay Walker. I have been following him and his music since the 1990's. He was at one of the local casinos here in biloxi the hard rock casino/hotel. We had front row seats it was loud , but as always a great show.
     He talked about him being diagnosed with MS. also said that how doctors gave him deadlines and how he would be in a wheel chair by this and this time. Needless to say he beat those odds like a lot of us CHD and 22q11 babies do. He did say one thing however, that stuck in my mind all weekend that we have to do our part and beat it and not let it beat us. That entire sentence is very true and I think a lot of people tend to forget that and let some of this stuff beat them.
   Saturday we went car shopping since we put in for adoption we decided to also go down to one car and a SUV so that I would have something easier to hall kids around in that seemed to be successful and I think we found a ford explorer that the hubby and I both really liked, and we went shopping for theater seating as well since we do have a media room with a projector in our home in one of our spare bedrooms. Also Saturday night we went out for sushi etc. with some old friends of ours Mike and Brooke, who was in Derek's previous battalion with him and just got back from Afghanistan not long ago. As always we have fun together and I have known mike for a few years and we always have some good laughs about things we have done together in the past.
    Sunday was a lazy day. We have been talking about painting our living room. I had done an award wall for Derek and all of his military awards that i had framed. I enjoy showing off all of his awards, coins and also his plank ownership award as well as a beautiful hand painted seabee plate that was given to him in italy when he lived there for two years. also I have hanging on the wall both of his re enlistment certificates. I picked out a red color to bring out some of the other decor from sherwin williams. the red i picked out was from a martha stewart collection from home depot and sherwin williams didmt carry martha stewart but tried to match it as close as they could. we got home with it and it was way off and the nice lady called back the next morning to tell us to bring the paint back and she would help us pick something else out and refund our money which was GREAT customer service on their part.
       IF it was not for my new meds like my Wellbutrin, I probably would not have gone and gone and gone all weekend like I have done. I seem more up beat and not as all over the place like I have been before. My moods have been better and so has my depression. My anxiety still needs some work done on it but I go back to the doctor thursday to talk to him about it. My klonopin just puts me to sleep more then helps, but it does take away the anxiety headaches.
     This weekend flew by but it was a fun weekend. I enjoy getting out a little more now then I did before> I also got an email back from my cardiologist saying that she just wanted to see me back in six months instead of 3-8 weeks , she stated that she will do a MRI the next visit and check lung pressures more closer etc. Today I also got out and did a little bit of exercising and actually did a little bit of house work.
     I feel better, I feel normal , and most of all my happiness is coming back. I hope this feeling stays around and I hope this change stays as well. We have a busy week. I have had some orders from my etsy store come in over the weekend , and also today as well. I mailed some off this evening. I will be staying around the house this coming weekend as my husband goes to FL to visit with his little boy for his 9th birthday, Things are looking up and best of all things are looking good there is no reason to turn back now.
   As clay walker says in one of his songs. " I don't give a damn what the world says, I am gonna do what I was born to do. no turning and no running." Those are my new favorite sayings and a new things especially with 22q and CHD to live by.

   Signing off for the night, I have been finally sleeping a little bit better since i feel like a normal person now. I hope and pray everyone has a blessed week. I also will pray for all of you CHD/22q moms and survivors out there that may read my blog tonight or this coming week and please comment I would love to hear from you. Good night and God bless you all.

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