Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day weekend craziness!! but loved it!

This past weekend I could re live all over again. We went to Florida for Memorial Day weekend. Derek had a 4 day weekend. We also had to visit my stepson this month started our visitation schedule. Friday night we went swimming at my parents condo in Daytona Beach. Saturday we ended up going to the Magic Kingdom. I had no idea I would be able to tolerate a packed theme park on a holiday weekend and to my surprise I did very well.
I just got over dealing with anxiety. I am and have been basically taken off of my anxiety medication , Klonopin which is a huge step for me. I thought I would have to go back on it and start taking it again because of the crowds but that was not the case. I lasted all day at disney and had a blast did not even think about me having 22q or any of my other issues. I enjoyed time with my stepson .
Sunday we spent a afternoon at the pool. I stayed most of the time in and out enjoying the long awaited two years of this time that we are now getting. Sunday evening we went to a local restaurant. Nothing like florida seafood since, we live near the gulf of mexico, Florida food is always different. We ordered gator tail and got my stepson to try it and he loved it!!
This month my husband and I also celebrated 4 years of marriage. What away to end a great month spending it with my stepson and husband as a little family that has been a long time waiting to happen!
Next month we go and pick him up fathers day weekend for the summer and have a lot of things planned.
This is a new thing for me but a wonderful thing, I am enjoying every minute of it, loving being practically rid of anxiety and on one less medication. life is good life is great prayers do get answered and life couldn't be any better for my husband and I.

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