Monday, May 20, 2013

Why awareness jewelry?

A lot of people have asked about my jewelry and why I started doing what I do for here is why....

I noticed that there is not much out there for 22q, i myself have it at 33 years old and was diagnosed at the age of 25. I was searching for ideas to not only keep me busy but away to bring in some income as well.

I started my company Skattered Pieces in 2012 last summer. My husband is military as most of you know so I needed something to keep me busy. Although he does not deploy he can sometimes work long hours, and with the passion I have for raising awareness for 22q11, I thought what no better way then to make something that sparkles and shines and great conversation pieces.

I am a self taught jewelry artist getting into all kinds of things like metal, beads, and wire. I tried the clay stuff but found it can make me break out etc. I found to grow really fund of hand stamping and wire wrapping.

I have made close to 53 sales, and a lot of my work has gone all over the world. I am a stay at home wife, and even have a college degree, i however chose to do my own thing where i can work in my home so that i would have more time with my husband and family.

Sparkling is apart of me and who I am. The more sparkle the better i have always said. I love anything that sparkles wether its the sun, glitter or jewelry. I can guarantee that I always come out with something original and never done before that will catch an eye or two.

I also thought, what a great way to share my 22q story and talents with other 22q families who makes a purchase from me, I do try and remember to include my story and a letter of encouragement to families.

I have a lot of ideas, a lot of hopes, and a lot of plans. I hope to eventually start sharing my story more and even traveling to different 22q events around the country. I hope you find my page on facebook under Skattered Pieces.

I came about Skattered Pieces, because with my little mind and having 22q i can be sometimes scattered and also i have so many ideas and different materials I work with.

I have enjoyed my hobby and turning it into a business that I have grown to love and best of all it is something i have a passion for and raising awareness at the same time. I hope you visit for more ideas and watch for new things monthly. I always try to have something new that has never been done being that I love a challenge and that since my life in general from day one was a challenge . i always love trying something new.

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