Sunday, October 7, 2012

been busy....

Lately I have been busy. I have seen a new doctor to help me with my mood swings and irritability , and also depression that I have been fighting with because, of my 22q. I have had a lot going on. My husband gained visitation rights to his son recently who lives in Florida. That in itself has been a major challenge for me. He can only be around him right now to reestablish a relationship with him.
I can understand that to an extent, but it is HARD to let him go and be with his child when you have to stay behind.
We were recently told the week before he left that I would not be able to handle a pregnancy due to lungs not being able to function for two people and my body not being able to handle extra weight. That set me back into a bad depression mode, but we are NOT giving up on trying to figure out how to get a child of our own.
I have delt with many challenges this week. IT seems the devil was constantly working at me. Thanks to my new doctor and my medication that is currently helping out quite a bit the devil DID not win and get the best of me totally.
I did in that period of time lose interest in my craft room and got behind on my orders that I had that came in.
      I had to explain that to some costumers, some understood and there is always one that did not want to understand my situation or seem to care about situation and yet his child has 22q also. Everyone deals with 22q differently, everyone has different symptoms of 22q. I was judged by this parent who placed an order from me because I did not ship his order right out to him and was compared to a big cooperate company such as Apple since he said he got his Iphone faster. He placed his order on september 28, that point in time my husband was in Florida with his son. I cannot drive due to some of my meds that i take for my 22q and anxiety. I explained to him nicely. He told me he needed the order for an anniversary that was last weekend BUT did not tell me that when he placed his order. I always believed in the saying from Abraham Lincoln that you can please some of the people some of the time and most of the people most of the time, he was one of those. He was very rude to me and I do not handle rudeness very well with my 22q. My feelings easily get hurt and are hard for me to control and sometimes it takes me awhile to get over something like this situation because he insisted on trying to bash me on a public Facebook page instead of bringing it to my inbox ,email or etsy page.
  I seem to believe that some parents do not understand fully 22q. I see some wanting to be bullies to some of us adults with it on some of the support pages which is NOT right. Like my mother says there has to be ONE in every crowd. She is right. I ended up refunding his money and did not get his order out since he did not seem to care about my situation i was dealing with last week. and honestly if this was an anniversary gift for last weekend he waited too long to order the item in the first place.
   One thing that is hard for me to handle with my 22q is rude people. I will not tolerate people being rude to me, I will fight back and that is what I did. In this world today it is full of rude and unpleasant people. One person can start making a difference by trying to be nice and support people like I try to do in a lot of the support groups.
 This past month has truly been a life lesson and a testing lesson for me. I am slowly coming out of depression mode and starting to feel normal again. My husband told me last night he was starting to notice that more and more since my medication was upped a bit more. It is great to feel like a normal person again, I am taking things one day at a time. I got most of my orders i got behind on due to my depression mailed out yesterday. I want to thank the people that understood what I was going through, feeling, and being faced with.
   22q is a never ending journey and adventure. For some its mild , for some its severe. but for me it is mild and I am quite thankful. I do struggle and I let it be known I struggle. I do not hide it from others and I educate others. I am thankful for some of the friends that I have that do NOT judge me and that accept me for who I am and what i've got. I am grateful that i have such a supportive husband and family as well, without them I wouldn't be the happy,bright and caring person I am today, encouragement for us 22qers indeed goes a long way.
  Derek and I are facing choices, also a journey up ahead. As my favorite country music artist said in a song, " ITs a long road up ahead I don't give a damn what he/she has said I'm gonna do what I was born to do" that line has stuck with me and continues to do so. My life is a journey, my life isn't over. my life has a purpose and I will continue to share it with you all as long as I am able.
I will have another blog and announcement this week once we get all details done.
To anyone reading, THANK YOU for allowing me to share my journey.
I have enclosed a link to my etsy shop of 22q jewelry that I have created and other items that I have made for awareness for 22q. Keep checking for other things. My christmas order deadline will be Nov. 15. If anyone wants to order jewelry for christmas please have orders in no later than that. Thank you all have a beautiful sunday and a beautiful week.

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