Friday, October 12, 2012

new journey

    This week we began a new journey, in our life. We were told that due to my heart condition, I would not be able to have children on my own. We begin looking at other routes. We have been back in forth with several different option and have done a lot of discussing different options.

    After my husband spent a weekend in Florida with his son, he came home and surprised me with filling out adoption papers for the state of Mississippi for a child of our own. We have done tons of research and decided this was the best route. We have learned there are a lot of Military resources and also grants to help with the cost of adoption.

  It will be a lesson of patients and waiting and handling emotions etc for both Derek and I. Derek is home for 3 years now and in a new command and will not have to leave UNLESS he chooses to go on an assignment himself and go help out the army. We had talked about starting a family while he was gone since he will be home for awhile and won't have to leave and here is the details below on why i could not handle carrying my own child and why i did not go the surragancy route.

 Basically my lungs would not be able to handle a pregnancy once i got to full term, I probably would not even make it to full term with all the pressure etc it can put on me. My body would just not be able to handle it. My heart also with a leaking tricuspid valve still and my PV still at a moderate leak would be in danger as well. It also with the medication i take would not be a good idea. Plus i would take the chance of passing on not only tetralogy of fallot, but also my 22q11 deletion.

now there is ways to keep from passing 22q11, but we would still be facing passing on the tetralogy.

  In the meantime I have learned that there are over 2,000 children in the state of Mississippi available for adoption. So therefore we have gone on with the plan to adopt and have mailed out the application and will begin that journey.

  I was sadden that i could not have my own child, but picked my self back up and with the support of my husband once again and my family found another way to get that dream of mine to come true to become a mother.

We will share our journey with every own through our blog and fb. We are at step one right now and just have to wait for step two. We are both excited, but both have mixed emotions about this, but in closing this blog I will say, this is our best option, we will have a healthy child, and this will be an experience for the both of us and most of all cannot wait for our new addition.

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